One of the most crucial, and first steps is determining who you are. We go through a checklist of information that tells us who you are, and what makes you different. Here’s a peek into how we help determine your business’s brand.

Your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with your company. It includes:

  • The benefits you commit to delivering. These are things like more time or money, recognition, acceptance, security or pleasure.
  • The promises you make and keep. These include the features your product or service offers, and how you deliver them. Do you meet the deadline or delivery date? Do you include extras, or go above and beyond the ordinary? Do you find ways to add value?
  • How you follow up after you’ve delivered. This covers aspects of your business like how you keep in touch, how you deal with problems that arise and how you nurture your business relationships over time.

Truly defining your business is a critical first step in developing your marketing plan. To help guide your marketing plan, we need a very well-crafted statement of the type of business you are in, the type of customers you serve and how you serve them. We have to define what you Stand for (get it?) and the types of products and services that your customers can expect from you.

  1. Together, we make an inventory of your skills. List out what you are especially good at and what you want your customers to think of when your brand comes to mind. Your unique set of skills will form the basis of your brand definition.
  2. What are your customers’ needs? From your list of skills, identify those that your customers particularly need. What kind of things do your customers come to you for? You should define your brand based on your ability to fulfill such demands.
  3. Focus on what makes your business different. It’s important for your brand to be different than other similar options available to customers. Your goal is to be different and better than your competition.

With all of this information, we can help you grow as a business and find your niche. Through branding, marketing, SEO, Social Media, and a well designed website, we can shape content that appeals to your customer. Already have a brand? We can freshen it up and modernise it to stay up to date with the latest trends. Have more questions, just ask! We just get pretty excited about creating strong brands for new businesses.