Stand Creative Studio is a Steamboat Springs marketing firm deploying a team of leading advertisers, designers, photographers, website developers, strategists, thinkers and doers. Stand attracts people that are passionate about what they do, and it shows in our work. We take a collaborative approach to your project, because who knows more about your business than you?  


Where do we draw our inspiration from? Our core essential ingredients to a great project: coffee, a good playlist, goldfish, and inspiration. But where do we get inspiration from? Most of the time, it’s you, our clients. You know the vibe of your business better than anyone. However, sometimes we look outside our little bubble. Sometimes we gain insight from our peers. What are they doing to think outside the box?


We are thoroughly entertained by the Swedish agency: Snask, an unruly, snarky agency that delivers quirky, but brilliant ad campaigns for clients. In a recent interview featured in MOXI SOZO Snask reveals their personalities to the fullest. While some of their commercials would never see the light of day in America, as they would be deemed too risqué – they have a no holds barred attitude to advertising we can’t help but admire!


Read their Top 10 Manifesto in their interview here. We wholeheartedly follow along with the 10 rules Snask outlines. Our favorite quote from the interview: “Fitting in with a team and thriving in your environment at work is key to your success and well being.” We know we have that one down! Hope you get a chance to think outside the box today. We know we will!